Minimize Injuries, Maximize Progress With Recovery

Minimize Injuries, Maximize Progress With Recovery

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to quit working hard, but it does mean you need to be smarter about how you go about it. Recovery is the key to progress and you need to tweak your program to allow maximal recovery, not to allow maximal work.

Up until now you might have prided yourself on not having missed a day in your training for the last several years, but if you are over 40, training seven days a week is a sure route to an early retirement from your sport or activity.

One thing is absolutely for sure – the older we get the more recovery time we need. Let me say that again, if you are over 40, you need more recovery time following your training sessions. We for the most part, have no control over this. It is what it is. Period.

Recovery can come in a couple ways, but the two easiest ways to plug it into your program is: 1. Hard workout days followed by easier workout days and 2. Complete rest days. You should actually schedule at least ONE FULL REST day into your workout schedule. And then there are some us who need two days of complete rest from our sport or exercise.

If you are pushing your body through pretty tough and stressful workouts, don’t limit to yourself to just one rest day. Add an additional day or two of recovery. Recovery can also come in the form of a cross-training such as a long walk, a bike ride or even a yoga class.

One way to figure out how much rest you need is to keep a workout journal. Here you can track your progress and you will be able to pay attention to how quickly or slowly you recover from workout to workout.

Remember that even on your workout days, your body is still trying to recover from the last hard workout you did. Not listening to your body and ignoring your need to rest, will lead to constant injures and setbacks.

If you are over 40, the answer is not to train harder, but to train harder less often. The secret with training is not how much you do, but how much your body can handle, and that amount is often much lower than you might think.

You need to moderate your training, take rest days and use proper nutrition and supplementation to ensure adequate recovery and repair so you can continue to see results and progress in your training.

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