Booty.  Glutes. Butt.  Derriere.  Backside. Rump.  Fanny.  Keister.  Caboose. Tush.

No matter what you call it – we’re going to WORK it!

A well-trained booty isn’t just nice to look at!  Strong glutes can help …

  • Improve posture
  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Alleviate lower back, hip & knee pain
  • enhance athletic performance
  • reduce bone density loss
  • and even tighten up the tummy


Did you know – together with your hamstrings, your glutes make up the largest muscles in your body.

AND!!  Because muscle burns more calories at rest than fat does, training and building your glutes can accelerate fat loss, and help to keep it off!  

The 21 Day Booty Lift focuses on the glutes – but it’s so much more!  We work the legs, the abs, the upper glamour muscles.  We touch on it all for a full body workout.

Key Program Points:
  • All you need is wifi … a set of dumbbells, mini-loop resistance bands and a foam roller
  • Designed for home workouts with small spaces
  • Geared to intermediate level exercisers.  As this is a very targeted program, it is recommended to have a fitness base before starting.

Take a Sneek Peek at The Workouts!



We’re kicking off the week with a BURN! 2 rounds– 8 moves – using the bands – all focused on bringing the FIRE to the glutes. To burn the muscles – to lift, sculpt and strengthen.

Required equipment: Mini-loop resistance bands



On Tuesdays we target the glutes and core together! Such a beautiful combo to work the booty, shred the waistline – and to protect the back through strengthening these key muscles. Bring bands and let’s burn!

Required equipment: Mini-loop resistance bands



It’s time to LIFT! We’re putting the bands away and picking up the weights! And since we’re working BIG muscles here in the lower body – bring big weights. And be ready to BUILD!

Required equipment: Medium and Heavy weights



We can’t leave out the upper body! Let’s target the glutes together with the GLAMOUR muscles – the biceps, triceps & shoulders – and let’s get stronger with each rep! Bring your weights and let’s GO!

Required equipment: medium weights



Use this session at the end of the week to recover (Important!) and also whenever your body feels it needs it. There are 2 parts – rolling and stretching. You’re welcome to pick just one, or do them both. This session is for you – for your body – do what feels good to you.

Recommended Equipment: Foam Roller

Unlock This Workout Today!

21 Day Booty Lift is an online fitness program for those looking to sculpt their booty, as well as enjoy all the amazing benefits from glute training … which include … reduce low back & knee pain, better posture, reduce risk of injury, tighten the tummy, and so much more!

Get INSTANT Access to the full 21 Day Booty lift program, including all online workout videos, available 24/7 to anyone, anywhere with wifi!

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21 Day Booty Lift


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