Lean Mass Builder

Lean Mass Builder

Lean Mass Builder is an 8-week plan specifically designed to focus on muscle hypertrophy to help you pack on lean muscle mass.

This program will also help you increase your strength and endurance, which in turn will help you workout longer and harder, and ultimately gain even more muscle mass.

Weeks 1 to 4 contain four workouts each. You will perform the first 2 workouts one day after another, then take a day of rest. Then perform the next 2 workouts one day after another.

Weeks 5 to 8 contain five workouts each. Perform the first 3 workouts, the first 3 days of the week, then take 1 day of rest. Then perform the next 2 workouts on the next 2 days of the week.

For this program you will need typical gym equipment, including weight machines, cables, body-weight, dumbbells and a fitness/Swiss ball. This program can be modified to accommodate the type of equipment you have available.

This 8 Week Training Program Includes
  • 24/7 access to the Donny King Fitness App accessing daily workouts.

  • Two-way communication through the app.

  • Bi-weekly check-ins with me to make sure you are staying motivated and seeing progress.

  • How-to-videos to start your program with confidence.

  • Personalized dashboard to see your workouts, track results, etc. using the mobile or desktop versions of the training app

  • Video examples of all exercises and video review and feedback of your exercise form

  • Option of beginners or advanced workouts.

  • Home or gym workouts.

7 Day Customized Meal Plan Includes
  • Goal-specific calorie targets, specific macros targets, meal timing suggestions, food suggestions, etc. and nutrition education to help you understand how to put it all together

  • Meal Plan allergy options: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Gluten/Dairy Free, Vegetarian.

  • Nutrition feedback via DietMasterGo integration that allows us to view your calorie and macro tracking to provide nutrition feedback and adjustments

  • Recipes that match your macros.

Get Started Today

Once you have purchased your 8 week program, it will start on the following Monday. This allows time for you to download the app, set-up your profile and fill out the forms provided to you. In addition, this gives me time to review your answers to the forms filled out, and for us to discuss any customization that might be needed for just you.

During this time you will receive your 7 day meal plan within 24-48 hours, so you can start meal planning and prepping.

You will always be able to access your program through the app or desktop. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, reach out via email, phone or directly through the app.

Once you have completed any of the 8 Week Training Programs (or Challenges) you can purchase a month-to-month continuation of any program after that for $49.

8 Week - Lean Mass Builder
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